Bitcoin Cashback Event

Cashback on your Bet Amount - Instant Bitcoin Cashback into your wallet

Everybody loves Cashback... especially if they are instantly paid out right into your wallet!
Go about your daily routine at Peergame, and wake up to a nice payout in your private wallet every morning.
All gamers at Peergame are eligible for Cashback!

Event Guide
  • Cashback percentage depends on the total bet amount of the day
    • Bet amount ≥ 5 BSV = 5%
    • Bet amount ≥ 50 BSV = 10%
  • Maximum Cashback per player each day: $10
  • The closing exchange rate of BSV/USD stated on CoinMarketCap from the previous day will be used to calculate Cashback daily
Additional Info
Additional Info
  • The bet amount is calculated and Cashback is paid out daily
  • Cashback calculation = Bet amount * House edge * Cashback percentage
    • Regarding this event, House Edge is considered 1% for all games
Prize Amount
  • Up to 0.011 BSV per player & Money Button ID each day
    • 0.005 BSV for playing once
    • 0.006 BSV for playing 4 more times (total of 5 plays)
  • Event starts at 20.08.11. 09:00 AM (GMT) and ends at 20.08.18. 09:00 AM (GMT)
  • Please be mindful of the timezone you are playing in
Note: New events will be consistently posted so be on a look out for the next event!

*Peergame reserves the right to change the terms and conditions, the promotion itself, or limit the eligibility of players to participate in this promotion, for any reason without prior notice.

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