Free Bitcoin Event 2.0

Ready for another Bitcoin Partay~?
Peergame’s classic, Free Bitcoin Event, is back with a bigger reward pool!
Win or lose, receive rewards for simply playing each day.
Let’s get Free Bitcoin Event 2.0 started!

Event Guide
  • Win or lose, the outcome does not matter. Simply play and get rewarded
  • Two reward pools
    • Be one of the first 100 players to play any game once to receive 0.005 BSV each day
    • Be one of the first 100 players to play any game 5 times to receive 0.006 BSV each day
Additional Info
Additional Info
  • Rewards will be distributed at the end of each day term
Prize Amount
  • Up to 0.011 BSV per player & Money Button ID each day
    • 0.005 BSV for playing once
    • 0.006 BSV for playing 4 more times (total of 5 plays)
  • The event starts at 20.08.18. 09:00 AM (GMT) and ends at 20.09.01. 09:00 AM (GMT)
  • Please be mindful of the timezone you are playing in
Note: New events will be consistently posted so be on a look out for the next event!

*Peergame reserves the right to change the terms and conditions, the promotion itself, or limit the eligibility of players to participate in this promotion, for any reason without prior notice.

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